Hello Summer, Goodbye Vietnam

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve skipped my usual posting schedule the past two weeks. It’s been a busy time, since last week was the 40th anniversary of the Vietnamese reunification, which meant a full week of vacation! I spent most of my time in Da Lat with a few friends and a whole lot of Vietnamese university students I didn’t really know. Da Lat was beautiful, as always, but the whole experience was a bit overwhelming. Also, riding motorbikes in the mountains is stressful, but also beautiful. There’s way more to that story, and I have a whole lot of thoughts about night busses and traveling in large groups, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

Anyway, as we’re now solidly into the month of May, my departure from Vietnam is fast approaching. I’ve set my last day of work, I’ve begun packing a few things up and going down my bucket list. I can’t really believe it’s finally time to go! I’ve got some exciting plans on the horizon, but still, it’s crazy how time flies.

In any event, I plan on writing more entries about the last few months here, but not today. For now I’ve decided to spend the rest of my time here living it up, hanging out with people I’ve grown to love, and just appreciating what I have here.

But don’t worry, my adventuring doesn’t stop at the end of my contract, and neither will this blog. Next month I’ll be traveling through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, then meeting up with my aunt Cindy for a few weeks in Australia. Plenty on the horizon! And yes, that means that, come July, I will be back in the United States! Not for long, but still.

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog. I will post pictures and stories as time allows, and I look forward to seeing all of my state-side friends and family soon!


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