My Tiny Apartment

Hey everyone, I thought you might like a tour of my home for the summer! I shot this video the first day I was here, before my roommate moved in, so needless to say it’s only gotten cleaner…

I’m pretty much fine with the way my living situation worked out, and the only thing I really have to complain about is the kitchen. It’s so small, you can only get one person cooking at a time, and there are three of us. But we’ll figure it out!

I’ll post another update soon! I’ve been working on thank you notes and job applications in my spare time, but those should be finished up soon (well, finished for the time being, anyway).

Coming to America

Yesterday marked one full week of me being in Nantucket. It’s been very fun getting to know my home for the summer, and I think I’ll go ahead and make the call that I’m happy to be here.

One of the highlights of my week was when most of the interns went on a bike tour of Nantucket. We started in town and visited an iconic lighthouse, the oldest house in Nantucket, the country’s oldest working wind mill, and ended at the Cisco brewery.

Throughout the ride my bike kept making this horrible squeaking noise, so my plan for tomorrow is to take it in to be repaired (I think it just needs oil, but the repair shop is on the way to the beach and I get a few freebies). I was going to go today, but it is amazingly windy. I think we’re getting the tail end of a tropical storm.

So yesterday I ran an exciting errand for mma into Hyannis. We needed to return CPR dummies to the Red Cross, and nobody wanted to do it. I figured a full day of travel was something I could easily handle, and decided to take on the job.

In Nantucket, they call going to the mainland “going to America,” which I found pretty funny. So I got onto the ferry and spent a day in rainy America. Lucky me, I chose a day with stormy weather to hop on a boat.

Hyannis is a cute little town. I stopped in at a cafe with a good book for most of the day, but when I wasn’t doing that I of course took a peak at the shops on Main Street. Down by the water they had a park with little huts set aside of artists to sell their wares during the summer. I thought that was really cool, and decided to support an artist by getting myself some earrings. It was a hardship I was willing to bare.

Today I have the day off, but it’s too windy to hop on my bike and explore too much. I think I’ll walk into town and see a movie — I have been told I MUST see iron man 3, so I guess I’ll do it.

Jessica Finally Gets to the Beach!

I did it! after several days of threatening to go, I finally made it to the beach. It was well worth the half hour bike ride, even though my bike has developed the most annoying tendency to squeak whenever the wheel turns. I’m getting that fixed tomorrow, hopefully.

Today was my third day working at Maria Mitchell, which seems to be a really cool place. On Monday all the interns were given tours of the natural history museum, vestal street observatory (there’s a second one I haven’t been in yet), and Maria Mitchell’s historical house. All were really fun, and I still haven’t even seen the aquarium, which is sure to be a personal favorite.

For those of you that don’t know much about Maria Mitchell, here a few quick things of note. Maria (pronounced Mariah) was born on Nantucket in 1818, and was a Quaker. Because Quakers believed in equality of the sexes, Maria was educated through her teens, and went on to become America’s first female astronomer. She discovered a comet, was Nantucket’s first librarian, and a professor at Vassar. She did a lot of really amazing things in her time to promote education and science, and after she died her family created the Maria Mitchell association in her honor, in order to carry on her legacy of science education.

So that’s where I work. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to learn more about the history of both Maria and the island (moby dick) is based on a ship from Nantucket – gotta move that one to the top of the reading list!). Otherwise, I don’t have much to report. My power charger for my computer shorted out, so I’ll update the blog from my phone for now (which means fewer pictures).

In summary, here are a few pictures I snapped on my walk to work today. I especially like the house with the pink door.


Day Two

Day two on the island proved to be just as well intentioned as yesterday, with just as few actual actions. I woke up late and rode my bike over to the museum headquarters to get a feel for how long my commute will be. It’s only five minutes, so that was pretty nice. Afterward I discovered that my bright pink liquid lipstick had exploded everywhere in my bag, so I set out to turn it into a lip balm. Two hours later I had pretty much failed to do so (I blame the old microwave), and instead went to meet a few of the other interns at a local brewery. They were all very nice, and I had a fun time hanging out with them. I saw the other apartment for the three aquarium interns. It is HUGE, but kind of out of the way. I think I sort of prefer my housing situation, but still…

After meeting the other interns I came home and made a quick dinner, and soon I will be heading to bed. I start work tomorrow, and I’m really excited! Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to post soon.

Day One

Today was my first full day in Nantucket, and I had no official plans. Naturally I mentally prepared a list of everything I wanted to do, like swimming at the beach, visiting the whaling museum, and figuring my way around. Also quite naturally, pretty much none of these things ended up happening.

View from the ferry on the way to Nantucket
View from the ferry on the way to Nantucket

2013-06-01 13.36.48-1

I literally wandered the back streets all day
I literally wandered the back streets all day
I woke up around 10, having gone to bed at 9:30 in desperate need of sleep after a full day of travel. I soon discovered that even with a day full of possibilities in an exciting new place, I still have trouble motivating myself out of bed. So, closer to noon, I decided to hit the town and figure out just how close everything was. Downtown was a quick 20 minute walk, though I did get a but turned around. All the houses here have the same gray panels and white trim, and street signs aren’t always easy to come by. But I enjoyed my walk and soon found myself at a little burger joint for lunch next to the whaling museum. I was going to explore the museum, but the $20 entry fee changed my mind, so I wandered the town to see what I could find.

My street
My street
My house for the summer (The top floor is an apartment)
My house for the summer (The top floor is an apartment)

Tiny bedroom!

The town of Nantucket is pretty cute, but of course everything is way out of my price range. I walked along the water and got a bit lost again, finally deciding to go find the grocery store and take care of errands. After picking up a few staples, I returned home and started research on bikes, quickly deciding I should get one. I walked to a nearby bike shop that seemed to have the cheapest bikes (anything under $250 here seems to be “cheap”) and rode of with a new (to me) bike towards the beach. No sooner had I gotten to the beach than I realized I had left the bike lock sitting on the counter. I snapped a quick picture and rode back to get the lock

Graveyard on the way to my house.
Graveyard on the way to my house.
At this point I was a bit tired, so I went home and decided the beach could wait til tomorrow. When I got back my new roommate had arrived, and we have spent the evening getting to know each other. They both seem very nice, and they have both been out of college for a while.
Tomorrow is another free day, and this time I will actually get to the beach!

As close as I got to the beach
As close as I got to the beach

A New Adventure

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, but the blog is now back by popular demand. By which I mean, by request of my family. While I am no longer jet-setting around Asia, climbing the Himalaya or riding camels, I am embarking on a rather exciting new adventure: life after graduation (cue scary music). Two weeks ago I finished my University of Puget Sound career, and while I haven’t decided what I’m going to do on a long term basis I do have an exciting summer job in Nantucket at the Maria Mitchell Association (check out their page here if you are so inclined). I will be helping out with marketing and retail merchandising for the MMA museums, which include an aquarium, historical house, natural history museum, and two observatories.

So now you see the real reason the blog was resurrected: everyone wants pictures! And now that I’ve arrived I can see why. While I don’t have any pictures yet, I promise they will be up soon. I’ve been traveling since 4am, so I think you can understand that all I did when I got here was unpack and run to the grocery store. Oh yeah, that’s another adventure- learning to cook for myself (yikes).

I’m really looking forward to the next three months, and I hope you enjoy reading about them, but for now I think it’s bed time.