Adventures in Southern India

Moving on to week two in Mysore brought a full week of class, and a lot more shopping. It’s been a bit tiring, and a few members of our group received some sad news from home, but we’re all soldiering on and preparing for our move to Hospet tomorrow. We’ll be in Hospet for four days, taking tours of the Vijayanagara temples, and finishing up our never-ending art history class. I’m actually almost excited to start Tibetan Buddhism. Mm, almost.


But the big event of the week was the cultural performance! All of us dressed up in our new sarees and saw a dance performance of the Indian epic, the Ramayana. It was put on by the woman who has been giving a few of us classical dance lessons over the past week, and she was amazing! She was beautifully expressive, and I actually understood what was happening for most of the performance. She’s also a very interesting person, and I feel lucky to have gotten lessons from her.

Our Dance Teacher

This post is mostly for pictures, and to let you all know that I’m not sure when my next blog post will be. We’re moving around a fair amount from here on out, and most of it will be out of internet range. Hopefully I’ll be able to make another update from Dharmsala.

All of the dance students with our teacher
Everybody was dressed to impress

*Note, the pictures don’t seem to be loading as well as I’d like, so if they don’t go through, I’ll try uploading them again when I’m back in an internet area.