A Few Videos

One of my friends from Pac Rim recently uploaded a video she made at the end of our trip, but never showed us. While we were in India a few students took a Bollywood dance class, which I regret to say I did not participate in (I was probably doing something stupid like writing my thesis). But lucky us, while we were spending a few days in Temi, gazing at the tea fields, one friend said, “this looks like someplace they would shoot a Bollywood music video.” And so, we did just that.

And yes, as you can clearly see, I was going for the full-on Bollywood-level enthusiasm, which I seemed to think was more important than learning the actual dance moves.

Another quick video has nothing to do with me, but a friend found this and sent it to me. If you’ve ever questioned why I wanted to go to Vietnam, if you thought it was all muddy rice paddies and war-torn landscapes, think again. There are many videos like this one, but I thought it was particularly well done, and not too long.

Makes me want to drop everything and see the rest of this amazing country! But first, it’s time to go to class…


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