Coming to America

Yesterday marked one full week of me being in Nantucket. It’s been very fun getting to know my home for the summer, and I think I’ll go ahead and make the call that I’m happy to be here.

One of the highlights of my week was when most of the interns went on a bike tour of Nantucket. We started in town and visited an iconic lighthouse, the oldest house in Nantucket, the country’s oldest working wind mill, and ended at the Cisco brewery.

Throughout the ride my bike kept making this horrible squeaking noise, so my plan for tomorrow is to take it in to be repaired (I think it just needs oil, but the repair shop is on the way to the beach and I get a few freebies). I was going to go today, but it is amazingly windy. I think we’re getting the tail end of a tropical storm.

So yesterday I ran an exciting errand for mma into Hyannis. We needed to return CPR dummies to the Red Cross, and nobody wanted to do it. I figured a full day of travel was something I could easily handle, and decided to take on the job.

In Nantucket, they call going to the mainland “going to America,” which I found pretty funny. So I got onto the ferry and spent a day in rainy America. Lucky me, I chose a day with stormy weather to hop on a boat.

Hyannis is a cute little town. I stopped in at a cafe with a good book for most of the day, but when I wasn’t doing that I of course took a peak at the shops on Main Street. Down by the water they had a park with little huts set aside of artists to sell their wares during the summer. I thought that was really cool, and decided to support an artist by getting myself some earrings. It was a hardship I was willing to bare.

Today I have the day off, but it’s too windy to hop on my bike and explore too much. I think I’ll walk into town and see a movie — I have been told I MUST see iron man 3, so I guess I’ll do it.


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