Jessica Finally Gets to the Beach!

I did it! after several days of threatening to go, I finally made it to the beach. It was well worth the half hour bike ride, even though my bike has developed the most annoying tendency to squeak whenever the wheel turns. I’m getting that fixed tomorrow, hopefully.

Today was my third day working at Maria Mitchell, which seems to be a really cool place. On Monday all the interns were given tours of the natural history museum, vestal street observatory (there’s a second one I haven’t been in yet), and Maria Mitchell’s historical house. All were really fun, and I still haven’t even seen the aquarium, which is sure to be a personal favorite.

For those of you that don’t know much about Maria Mitchell, here a few quick things of note. Maria (pronounced Mariah) was born on Nantucket in 1818, and was a Quaker. Because Quakers believed in equality of the sexes, Maria was educated through her teens, and went on to become America’s first female astronomer. She discovered a comet, was Nantucket’s first librarian, and a professor at Vassar. She did a lot of really amazing things in her time to promote education and science, and after she died her family created the Maria Mitchell association in her honor, in order to carry on her legacy of science education.

So that’s where I work. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to learn more about the history of both Maria and the island (moby dick) is based on a ship from Nantucket – gotta move that one to the top of the reading list!). Otherwise, I don’t have much to report. My power charger for my computer shorted out, so I’ll update the blog from my phone for now (which means fewer pictures).

In summary, here are a few pictures I snapped on my walk to work today. I especially like the house with the pink door.



3 thoughts on “Jessica Finally Gets to the Beach!

  1. It looks just lovely. You are so lucky to be spending the whole summer near the beach. I am heading to Kiawah Island next week, but only for 5 days. Do they have any other jobs available:-) I could move there in a heartbeat.


  2. you get to experience your first tropical storm this weekend! That would be a good time to start Moby Dick (it’s worth the time) Ishmail


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