Day Two

Day two on the island proved to be just as well intentioned as yesterday, with just as few actual actions. I woke up late and rode my bike over to the museum headquarters to get a feel for how long my commute will be. It’s only five minutes, so that was pretty nice. Afterward I discovered that my bright pink liquid lipstick had exploded everywhere in my bag, so I set out to turn it into a lip balm. Two hours later I had pretty much failed to do so (I blame the old microwave), and instead went to meet a few of the other interns at a local brewery. They were all very nice, and I had a fun time hanging out with them. I saw the other apartment for the three aquarium interns. It is HUGE, but kind of out of the way. I think I sort of prefer my housing situation, but still…

After meeting the other interns I came home and made a quick dinner, and soon I will be heading to bed. I start work tomorrow, and I’m really excited! Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to post soon.


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