I’m happy to say that the first leg of my journey is going extremely well, as I am now reunited with my housemates in Portland.  Being here reminds me that I’m definitely going to miss the Pacific Northwest in the coming months, but every day I get more and more excited. Luisa’s aunt Alice “inspected” our packs last night, and today we’re running around finding everything we might have forgotten. Right now all of my stuff  is spread out in front of me, and I can’t quite believe I managed to pack a whole year into one bag… For those of you worried 5 shirts is not enough for me for the entire year, don’t fret, I plan on doing a lot of shopping 🙂

Anyway, one of the other trip members found this article on the pacrim program that explains what it is we’re doing. I like that they take extra effort to explain that this is indeed a school trip, and not just a big vacation (but I could have told you that, since I’ve been working on my independent study research all summer!)

Also, a note on blog comments. They are definitely working!


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